How do I make it stop? πŸ˜”

How do I make it stop?

This internal monologue that goes on inside of you? How do you stop it from making you feel like you’re never going to get through it?

I live with this constant fear inside of me that I’m always doing something wrong. That I am always going to make someone upset. Or that no matter what I do I just cannot seem to get it out of my head. Anxiety really is a bitch. And I hate it. It’s misleading. You feel like you are doing well, but anxiety constantly reminds you that you are not.

So how do I get through it? How do I move forward and stop thinking these things inside? Because I sure as hell don’t know.

Living your whole life and every thing you do has an negative response, your body is prepared to have those negative tongue lashing continuously coming in your direction.

So once again I ask how do we stop those negative thoughts?

Because I don’t know.

I really have the slightest clue on how to make this end.

I want to feel like nothing is wrong instead of feeling like everything is wrong and all the time. How do I change doubts into positives?

I need an answer I’m not sure where to seek it. I need to find where to get this answer from?

Maybe it’s time I go back to therapy to get these thoughts out of my head. Having an abusive past is not easy to cope with. And being in a healthy relationship causes my anxiety to rise. So I am at an impasse.

What do I do? And how do I do it?


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