Miracle’s Reflection 💜

Nia Renee and I met as co-workers in early 2018.  In the course of working together, we became good friends and she has shared with me many of things she has been through.  

When she asked me to compose a short piece of music, I began working on it right away…

I had no prior ideas for this and the song began as something entirely different.  But as I kept thinking about the things she has been through, an inspired melody began to come together and within a few minutes I had the basic framework in place and it began to take the shape of what it is now… I guess you could say that I just tried to connect with the emotions she may have felt with all of this… 

I thought it would be fitting to title this piece with Nia’s name, but when I though of her middle name “Miracle” I knew it would be centered around that.  After some thought and reflection of her experiences, it suddenly clicked and the song was named “Miracle’s Reflection”  Thanks for listening… 

For Nia,

Kevin G. Marcum

I cant express how amazing those words are!

To view the video from YouTube with the song! Click below!


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