Surviving R. Kelly πŸ’”

First and foremost this is why we need to pay attention to the behaviors that a person is displaying to the world.

How do we stop idolizing these pedophiles? These women had to endure so much. And they’re brave enough to finally step up and report their story, let alone in front of the world.

I can only imagine what these we. Have endured and the fact that his music sells have substantially increased in the last few days blows my mind. We cannot keep defending these men. We cannot keep supporting this behavior.

This is also a wake up call for those who have older family members; uncles, cousins, dads, brothers, and family friends.

This predatory behavior is destroying people. This predatory behavior is very sad and disgusting and this behavior needs to stop being tolerated and be treated as an epidemic.

Weinstein, Cosby, R. Kelly, etc. and why you are standing up for this cause make sure you stop protecting your uncles, cousins, brothers, nephews, grand parents, step parents. Stop protecting them because this is happening behind closed doors as well. This isn’t something that has just started. It has been going on for a very long time. And unfortunately it happened to me.

I was inappropriately touched by an uncle. If my father was not close by, he would’ve gotten away with a lot of behaviors. And this cannot be tolerated any longer.

My prayers and heart goes out for those who have to deal with this. And I commend the bravery of these women to stand up against such a powerful human being.

πŸ’œBattered Hearts

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