She shines brightest in the darkness

She Overcame, She shines brightest in the darkness.

Image by: Alisha Light Photography Instagram: @alightp

They expect women to fold when the pressure is applied too hard. But, what they lack to forget is that when enough pressure is applied a diamond is created. A Queen never folds beyond her circumstances. And a Queen never succumbs to the pleasure of others negativity.

It gets hard as hell sometimes. Most days I sit with my hands on my head questioning what my next step is going to be after all of the damage and all of the ABUSE. But, I choose to overcome every single day, because if I do not I will become exactly what they wanted me to be. They want me to fail. Everyone who has ever hurt me, tried to stop me, hated me, used their words, fists, hands against me weren’t rooting for me. They want me to stop. They want me to fold. They want me to give up. And that is one thing this Queen simply does not do.

I shine the brightest in the darkness. It is how I prevail. I have always been the person forgotten about in the corner, holding myself and trying to remind myself that this is all going to be okay. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a light. But I had to be the light. I couldn’t keep telling myself over and over again that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. So I took matters in to my own hands and I became the light at the end of the really dark tunnel. I choose to shine, every single day.

I choose to take my power back. I choose to pick myself up. It is a choice. And I chose me, I choose me every single chance that I get. That is when I shine the brightest.

I have lived my life in the dark for quite some time. And the biggest reward of it all was choosing to be my own light. I shine the brightest in the darkest of times because that is when everyone assumes she’s down and out. They assume she will never rise above it and that she will stay in that darkness. And that is when it is time to shine. I have made a life’s work out of shining in the darkness. And I choose to continue to show strength and resilience when my back is against the wall.

I shine bright, just like a Diamond. And a Diamond is made by applying pressure. I like pressure. This Queen was made for the pressure.

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