I am not very gentle with myself

And that is something that I am working on every single day.

I am the person who doesn’t want to fail. And I push myself past my limits because I know that I am only going to achieve my goals if I push myself hard enough to get there.

Why am I like this?

I see others getting other places quicker than me. And I try my best not to pull the “why me” “don’t I deserve that too” card. But I pull it on myself which in turn causes me to work harder and push myself farther than I should. But I refuse to fail.

There are too many people watching and waiting for me to fall and for me to crash and burn. And I will never give them that satisfaction.

But that comparison of me to another person is deadly. It is not something that I should do. Yet, I do it? Why?

I see others sharing their stories and gaining more attention on a fluke and I have been putting in the work to build up my brand and that is causing me to work too hard. That is causing me to burn out. That is more detrimental than it should and could ever be.

I should not do that.

The path that I am on is not the same path other people are on and that is perfectly okay. It is more than okay that things are happening slower. They are going to happen when it is the right time for ME.

Not for anyone else

But for Nia Renee.

I say all of this to say.

Be gentle with yourself. You have no idea who is watching and rooting for you to win.

Be gentle with yourself.

You deserve all things in divine time.

You are on a path designed just for you.

It is not fun at times. It hurts. It gets lonely. But it will be more than okay.

Be. Gentle. With. Yourself.

I am learning to do that.

And it is something that requires self love and patience.

You’ve got this battered hearts. 💜✨


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One thought on “I am not very gentle with myself

  1. ryanmader – I am a TBI Warrior, husband and stay at home dad. Through the Eyes of a Brain Injury is a place for me to talk and hopefully help people who may also have an everyday struggle or know someone around them. It is very easy to feel alone in our battles and very difficult to express or share about them so i hope by me sharing my life it may help someone out there understand or cope. Always remember You’re Strong, You’re Important, You Matter and You are not Alone
    ryanmader says:

    was totally feeling this the other day! We got this, for us!

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