Why did I become a Relationship Coach?

My name is Nia Renee and I am a Certified Relationship Coach. I recently got into relationship coaching and I thought now would be a great time to discuss why I chose to get into relationship coaching and what I offer.

I decided to become a Certified Relationship Coach because I wanted to provide my wealth of knowledge in abusive relationships with others. Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I wish I had the resources that I am now offering others while I was in an abusive relationship and post abusive relationships. Life and Relationship coaching does not mean that I am a certified therapist, but my life and relationship experiences give me tools to provide the specific help others may need. Navigating narcissistic/abusive/toxic relationships during and post relationships are quite difficult and I am able to provide a unique perspective as I am a survivor of those types of relationships.

Though I specialize in Intentional Dating, I also provide coaching in narcissistic and toxic parents, abusive/toxic/narcissistic relationships, and love after abuse. I am an abusive relationship expert, unfortunately I have over 20 years of experience with abusive relationships; whether platonic, familial, or romantic relationships. I have survived childhood sexual assault, child abuse/parental abuse, narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

I have my bachelors degree in criminal justice (currently working on my MBA) and I am able to provide help to victims with how to navigate the system and documenting cycles of abuse. Alongside my educational experience, I was in a series of relationships with narcissists; the biggest one being my birth mother. My mother set the foundation for how I thought I should be treated in relationships. Once I was able to unpack my childhood trauma, I was able to see where my attraction and familiarity with abusive relationships came from. I realized that I didn’t have the tools to recognize the red flags in people, when things didn’t feel right, and that I didn’t have to stay in situations and relationships with people because I felt bad for leaving.

Since creating HTLABW I wanted to expand on my resources and helping others, alongside my video formatted content. I think it is incredibly important to work 1:1 with individuals and tailored to their specific needs. I have always wanted to build a platform where I am able to work with others who need assistance in navigating these incredibly difficult relationships, especially love after abuse. I wanted to begin coaching on my terms and when I was ready to provide my best self for others. I am happily married in the safest, kindest, and most loving relationship I have ever been in. I learn new things every single day and I want to share that knowledge and hope with other victims and survivors. As of January 2023 I became a certified relationship coach and began my coaching business in March 2023 (open to the public, I have many clients prior to publicly offering services).

I look forward to working with each and every single one of you on a 1:1 basis. I am really excited to share the tools that I have learned and developed. To book a session with me, you can go back to my home page, http://www.howtoloveabatteredwoman.com or you can book a session with me on my Calendly at, https://calendly.com/howtoloveabatteredwoman

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