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intentional dating bootcamp-$550

10, 50-minute premium package sessions where you will get to work on how to date intentionally after surviving abusive relationships. You will get a complimentary Intentional Dating Workbook. We will work together, side by side, on the workbook over the course of 10 sessions. After you book your first session you will be able to schedule your additional 9 sessions that are convenient for you, after our first session together.

Take Away’s from the Intentional Dating Bootcamp:

  1. Setting 10 goals for intentional dating and how to achieve them.
  2. Learning how to set boundaries and enforce them.
  3. Nia Renee’s key red flags & identifying your own red flags.
  4. Identifying your deal breakers.
  5. Learning how to leave when the situation no longer suits you (scenario breakdowns, etc).
  6. Breaking down Nia Renee’s 5 best ways to date after abuse and how to implement each step into your daily life.
  7. 16 writing prompt breakdowns (unpacking each of your entries and aligning them with your individual goals).
  8. Trusting yourself & forgiving yourself.

Relationship Coaching

I specialize in Intentional Dating, which is dating with a purpose and seeking healthy relationships post abusive relationships. However, I do offer relationship coaching sessions for the following: Narc/Toxic Parenting Relationships, Abusive/Toxic/Narcissistic Relationships, and navigating Love After Abuse.

1 Session – $60

Package 1 (3 sessions) – $150

Package 2 (5 sessions) – $250

Clarity session-$40

This session is offered if you need: validation, more information about your current situation, are feeling a bit down, or just need some reassurance.

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