Nia Renee, the content creator and owner of How to Love a Battered Woman started this journey for personal healing. And it bloomed into something much bigger than that. It turned into a community to help others bring light to their struggles with abuse. Any type of abuse, it gets addressed here. Unfortunately Nia Renee has experienced several different forms of abuse; sexual assault, rape, parental abuse, childhood sexual assault, domestic violence, etc.

How to Love a Battered Woman is to teach the self tools to love yourself through the battered version of you until you can get to the healthy version of yourself. It is a tool to be a voice in any form a voice means to you.

What She Says

If it wasn’t dramatic, it didn’t happen.

Nia renee

It doesn’t matter if they are blood. If they are toxic and not willing to change their abusive ways, cut them off.

nia renee

Love doesn’t hurt. Love heals. Love grows. Love nurtures. If it’s hurting you, it’s not love.

Nia Renee

Let’s Grow together.