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  • Letters to you

    Letters to you

    I released my very first self published book on April 20, 2023 titled, Letters To You. It a compilation of several journal entries, creative writing prompts, letters, and the very first Custom How to Love Me Journal. I wanted to create this book because I believe that it is very important for survivors to feel…

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  • Dear 2022, what the hell was that?!

    Dear 2022, what the hell was that?!

    My 2022 started off with such high hopes, and soooooo many wishes for an incredible year. And it started off much better than I could anticipate. Being chronically Ill, you never know what to expect, but the unexpected is always just lurking right around the corner. And that is what happened to me. I started…

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  • Views from a hospital bed 🏥

    Views from a hospital bed 🏥

    Views from my hospital room consist of my very sexy fian-bae who has been nothing short of amazing. But that been the only part of this that has been a relief and pleasant. This medical system that America operates under is broken in so many ways. It took 5 ER trips during the month of…

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  • Ever since I was under age..

    I was under the influence of pain. -Jhene Aiko, Nobody I have never heard realer words that reflect the life that I have lived and continue to live. Since the age of 4 I have been subjected to an abundance of pain. And when I see baby photos of me it makes me cry. It…

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  • What does love mean to you?

    What does love mean to you? To me… love is universal and can be understood in any language. But, when you’ve been hurt, destroyed, abused, taken advantage of and have lost all hope, Love tends to have a different meaning to it. Love tends to be far more than a foreign language. The kind of…

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    Hello and welcome to HOW TO LOVE A BATTERED WOMAN! This is completely a new experience for me. However, I am very excited to start it. I wanted to create a blog where I can share my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and processes throughout my book writing process. As we live in a time where women…

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