Rose Me – Custom ‘How to Love Me’ Journal Bundle


This bundle includes a custom ‘How to Love Me’ Journal as well as my first self-published book “Letters to You”.

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Custom How To Love Me Journals

  • Have you ever wanted to tell your significant other about the trauma that you have endured but didn’t know how?
    • You do not have to be in a relationship to utilize this journal. This can be for current or future partners.
  • This journal is custom made to discuss things such as, The Five Love Languages, your preference in communication styles, spaces designated to journal for personal thoughts, and spaces for special messages, notes, or journal entries for your love.

Letters to You is a collection of letters, journal entries, and creative writing assignments (including the OG ‘How to Love Me’ Journal). This book gives you an in depth look at the traumatic events that have taken place during my life. I have built the How to Love A Battered Woman platform on transparency and vulnerability because I never want anyone who has experienced similar experiences that I have to feel alone. These letters were written at different phases of my life. You will see several journal entries from my past, as far as 13 years ago. Healing is not linear.

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