I’m not obese, yet I need to lose weight for my health?

I have been told this many times before.

But it really hits deep and heavy when it’s coming during a time at which your body is trying to terminate you.

I met with my neurologist that looked me dead in my eyes and said “The medication takes time to work, but it is more effective if you lose weight and are active. You aren’t obese though, you look great. Losing weight helps the meds”.

How does this make any sense? It is causing this weird dichotomy equating weight loss to medication usefulness. With the paradox of also noting that I am not overweight. So am I supposed to push myself into an eating disorder and unhealthy weight loss just for medication to “work”? The medication is either going to work or it is not. I have unhealthily lost weight due to my medical condition and the meds still are not working. But what kind of medical advice is that to give? It is causing unhealthy standards in and already toxic idealistic view of beauty standards.

My medical condition is the problem and the only way to fix that medical condition is to address the medical condition. You cannot throw medication at every scenario. Medication isn’t the only solution, unfortunately. Telling a chronically ill patient that they need to lose weight and be more active when their medical condition is limiting them from moving from the couch is cruel. Their medical condition that is causing them to feel as if they have been on an alcohol binder for months is cruel. Telling them, “You have to dig deep and find a way to get active. You can do it. I know you can do it, you will find it in you because you are young and you are strong.” Is cruel.

I have lost weight… not in an ideal fashion. And the meds still are not working. I am struggling. And I am scared. And this is what they say to help? When I say this system is broken. It is broken.


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