What does love mean to you?

What does love mean to you?

To me… love is universal and can be understood in any language. But, when you’ve been hurt, destroyed, abused, taken advantage of and have lost all hope, Love tends to have a different meaning to it. Love tends to be far more than a foreign language.

The kind of love I need, begins with understanding. From myself and from others. I need for me to understand that I have been hurt, but that it’s okay to accept it. And I need for others to understand that I need love to be special and meaningful. Words mean everything to me. Being kind and gentle means everything to me. Being my place of comfort and release and a place of vulnerability means everything to me. That’s what love means to me.

We love differently.

We feel differently.

We communicate differently.

So if we are able to understand how we love ourselves and how we need others to love us, then we are inevitably able to get to where we need to be.

I need love in the gentlest way.

I need love in the most trusting way.

I need love that involves an abundance of communication and trust.

Love to me, means that you will love me when I am incapable of loving myself, and loving me when I am more than vulnerable to show my pain.

I don’t mean that as egotistical. But I have been abused and taken advantage of. So I need to see and feel love a lot stronger than most. I need it to have meaning.

And that is from anyone. Friends, family, strangers, significant others, etc.

Love is important. Love demands to be felt just as much as pain does. 💜

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